A New Healthier Year

Lets start from where we are… here and now. Wellness is more than exercising and eating well. Wellness is about Body, Mind, and Spirit vitality. All aspects of your life play into wellness. Take the “A Healthier You” exploration with NO judgement. This is just information for you to know. Maya Angelo said ” When we know better, we do better.” So lets see what we know….

Consider these areas:

  • General Health – energy levels, stress management, lack of illness
  • Quality of food intake – cooking, eating out,
  • Quality of living/working environment
  • Spirituality maybe religious but does not have to be
  • Movement -might beexercie, might be martial arts, etc
  • Creativity
  • Finances- enough for today, tomorrow?
  • Career – meaningful work/purpose
  • Social engagement / recreation
  • Relationships
  • Education
  • JOY!

Take the “A Healthier You” exploration …

Then join me on this blog if you wish to explore each of the these areas more fully.. new posts weekly. Comments welcome!.. what areas are most important to you at this time?

A coaches task is to ask questions that will help you to discover the answers within yourself. A coach can not make change’s in your life. Only you can! Questions are a beginning to self-exploration to reach your most satisfying life. That’s different for everyone. So only you have the right answer for you.

Come join us!

Want to Chat about this exploration. Join me for Lunch and Learn January 10, 2024 at noon.

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