Yoga for any body, age, size or shape

Did you know that Yoga is for everybody, age, size, and ability?

Yoga is discovering ways to “just be” and have ease and comfort in your body, or just sit and relax back into a pose to meditate and breathe. Yoga can be accessible to anyone with a few props and pose modifications.

I’m a licensed massage therapist specializing in myofascial release. I work with clients with complex pain and physical issues..

Through 25 years of working with myofascial therapy I understand that  everyday movement is vital to the body wellness. Stretching muscles cannot be limited to massage. A consistent, slow, gentle, everyday stretch is beneficial for the body. However, my massage training didn’t include this important movement piece, so I’ve added Yoga to my training and services

Yoga’s concept that comfort, ease, and breath were vital to movement was for me the missing piece. After years of learning other disciplines of spirituality, energy-work, and transpersonal growth, yoga was integral to my vision of full health and wellness.  

Yoga training was an incredible professional and personal journey. Despite being older, having had some surgeries, injuries, and other life factors, I  discovered ease just being in the body and moving in new ways. Slowly flexibility and comfort increased in my body, as did the quiet of mind in learning to just “be”.

You can experience it too.  

I offer 1-1 yoga sessions to meet your specific challenges.  I am passionate about self-healing and empowering people to take charge of their wellbeing, whether it be body mind or Spirit. I bring a love of yoga and movement, together with years of experience working with bodies of all types to co-create a yoga practice to meet your individual needs. I am excited to bring new ways for you to comfortably experience your body….at any age, size, or shape! Just ask me.

Carol Wetherill, Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200