Home Environment

Do you love your home?

It’s that time of year when we spend lots of time indoors, so it’s important to really consider if you like being in your home. Now its not just about decor or style… It’s more about the feeling of it, the sense of it, the healthiness of it, and whether it suits your life. Its not bout a massive overall but little tweaks here and there can make a big improvement. Things to consider and questions to ask yourself about your home.

Home environment

  • Love atmosphere? why. why not?
  • Color choices? Mood.. emotion.. tone.. peaceful, exciting, suitable for the room?
  • Safety -no trip hazards, cords,
  • Toxicity – fumes, chemical cleaners, stale air, too damp or too dry?
  • Energizing or calming..in which areas?
  • Flow of space -Not cluttered- open to relationships
  • Lighting? Outdoor- indoor- enough for task of room..too harsh?
  • Clean?
  • Does it fit YOU?
  • Fen Shui principals?
  • temperature pleasing for the specific room
  • Energy movement in the area

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