Be Quantum Love

to an experience
of love,
healing energy & connection.

Be Loving from your heart and soul, raise your vibration, be it, and then invite healing of body, mind, and spirit. Share it with others and the world.

With great gratitude, the practice of Be Quantum Love arose from the Teachings of Quantum-Touch®. After many years of being a bodyworker, energy practitioner and wellness coach, Quantum Touch® principles brought me back to an understanding that I already intrinsically knew; All healing is self-healing. Being and sharing the vibration of love can be both simple yet amazingly profound. Anyone can do it. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ways to Experience Quantum Touch

  • for a complimentary mini session to experience Quantum Touch® for yourself
  • Individual session, in person or virtual.
  • Attend a Quantum Touch® Level 1 class
  • Attend a Quantum Touch® Healing Circle (students of Quantum Touch only)
  • Read Richard Gordon’s Quantum Touch, the Power to Heal available in the Quantum Touch® Store here.
  • learn more about the Quantum Touch® workshops available

Come experience it for yourself!

I am a Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner and a Certified Quantum Touch® Level 1 Instructor. I would love to share Quantum Touch® with you. I love the power and simplicity of this work.  Contact me for more details or to arrange your own experience of Quantum Touch®.

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