Why Coaching for Nutrition?

The why and how of coaching

Most of us have said at one time or another, “I want to  change my habits and improve my health. Some of us know how to, but sometimes we fall short. We know what to do, but we don’t do it. Some may even be quite expert at the how, and yet don’t. We make excuses like I don’t have time, or when I get this other thing done first, or I have too many other responsibilities. There’s always seems to be a good reason. It’s easier to push off change until another time.

So have you asked yourself why? The simple answer is… Change is hard!

Change requires a great deal of energy.  It asks us to become aware of our moment to moment behaviors. It asks us to dig deeper into how our behavior came into being. It asks us to put forth effort into figuring what to do differently and then, even more effort to do it.  It asks us to change our habits which has allowed us to behave without much thinking. It asks us to challenge our resistance to change.

We often begin with good intentions but somewhere along the way we lose our focus  We take a quick stab at it, then wonder what happened when we don’t succeed.

Or then there is sometimes emotional eating which has nothing to do with hunger, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin to make changes.

To succeed we need focus, determination, a reason to brave new ways of being and a plan. 

A coach is a partner that supports you through the process of becoming clear on your goals, using strategies and tools and planning attainable, timely steps, to reach your goals. A coach encourages you to take those difficult steps through resistance, and  keeps you accountable to your plan.  They are there to champion you as you are reaching your goals.

Ask yourself what  your best life could be. What is the why of being willing to risk change? 

Take charge of your life in a purposeful way, move past the difficult challenges and succeed in bringing positive changes to your life. 

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