Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when we eat to satisfy a need other than hunger. We all do this sometimes, however if it’s a lifestyle, it can lead to health problems such as diabetes, obesity, or forms of eating disorders. 

You probably have been on diets throughout your life or certainly know many people who have. Often quick fix dieting leads to yo-yo dieting with no long term results. Working with emotional eating is not about dieting, intensive exercise, or other weight loss programs. 

Working with emotional eating asks for life style changes, taking small steps towards a goal of choosing more healthful ways of daily living. It’s CHOOSING rather than playing our old conscious patterns of eating when not physically hungry. It’s learning to meet the underlying need or habit that leads to eating when not physically hungry. Its about creating more self-awareness and choosing to live your best life having health and wellness of body. mind. and Spirit.

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