Tell me more, a beginning

Welcome to the first Tell me more.”

If you are looking to connect, join some circles, or chat about transformational perspectives on wellness, healing, spirituality, or just consider new points of view…. Welcome!

The basics:

Healing is an inside job. ‘Healing’ is not curing or fixing. ‘Healing’ is “to make whole”, or to remind us of our divine nature of whole-being. All healing is self healing.

That being said.. As human beings, we need connection. We are here to support each other in a variety of ways. This supports innate healing of body mind and spirit connection. We need connection to self, others, earth, the world around us, or the Divine.

Choice, empowerment, wellness, spirit, acceptance, non-harm, service, health, world work, etc, are just a few topics that may come up often.

So, I offer opportunities for healing, self care, and assorted perspectives on life and mind-body-spirit-wellness.

Take from it what you will and/or leave it… It’s just something else to explore if it interests you.

Offerings to support the journey of life – no experience required. You can invite friends. You need to pre-register to get the zoom link.

Circles: Friday morning’s at 9am -local in person or zoom by registration only

  • morning meditation -monthly
  • hearts and hands – monthly
  • reiki Share -monthly
  • Quantum Touch share -monthly

Lunch and learn -monthly monthly 1pm – local by registration only

As you know I’m always learning new ways to have more healthy ways of being, which almost always include new books 😊

If there’s any interest I’d like to offer some book titles for intriguing reading. If there’s interest, we could explore having a book share once a month. Also happy to explore topics that may be of interest to you…

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