here’s what people are saying…..

“Carol offers so much information and is always willing to guide the participant into the wealth of their own capabilities while maintaining a strong energetic presence that my spirit knows, values, loves, and trusts.  I think QT helps both the facilitator and the receiver- it also is a simple, useful tool, that can help people with realizing the benefits of intentional breath and the gift of running energy to recalibrate.” R.S.

“Carol is a gifted practitioner creating the perfect environment for healing and balancing the bodies many systems.  Her respect for the sacredness of the space and individual brings a deep level of comfort.  Her work is an integral part of my self care treatment plan.  Very grateful for Carol’s commitment to studying and exploring how the body navigates life events.” M.W.

“Carol has a wonderful way of making me feel safe and cared for. I remember coming to one particular QT session feeling sleep deprived, exhausted, and aching all over my body ( I have fibromyalgia). My pain decreased as Carol worked on me and continued to lessen afterwards as I remained in place. My sleep that evening was deeply relaxing and I woke up feeling refreshed and pain free the following morning. So grateful.” L.S.

Carol and I had a 30 min QT session. She took the time to explain what was happening. We concentrated the energy to my neck. I was very relaxed during and after the session. I was also in a great mood for the next few days. My neck was a bit sore that night – almost as if I had a massage or adjustment.  It is now a few weeks later and my neck still feels great! Thank you!” LL

Intrinisic You