Additional Services – Feed Your Heart and Soul

Your 6 month Program includes  2 choices from the following:

  • A Pantry Review is a 2 hr time frame to explore your pantry. Are you eating the healthier choices? Do you have lots of hidden calories, additives, sugars, etc? How much of your pantry is non-food choices? How long has it been since you used some of the items in your pantry? Are there choices that you would like to add or remove?   Lets explore healthy eating together. (within 25 mile driving area only, and/or by zoom)
  • Shopping for a healthier you: Do you shop the outer aisles of fresh food? Do you shopfresh, organic, in season. local? Do you know how to read the labels for hidden ingredients? How many ingredients are there in your item? Can You pronounce them all? Lets shop together for a healthier you.  Local Only. (2 hr session includes time driving in area)
  • A Declutter review session is a visual walk through an area of your home, exploring the concept of does your living space fit you and our life. Do you have things that need to be thrown away or repaired. Do you have things you just don’t like but keep anyway? Is your space cluttered? Do the colors fit the mood you are trying to create?  Learn how you can make you living space fit your life, by exploring key questions.
Intrinisic You