What’s New for 2023 – Yoga

About Yoga

I am delighted to say that I will complete my Yoga certification within the year. While long term, this will allow for me to teach yoga, my primary focus at this time is to refresh my knowledge of anatomy in terms of muscle movements and how chronic patterns of dysfunction can be eased through assessing affected muscles and using client based movement to develop better patterns of movement, thereby promoting better function. 

For example, say there is pain in moving the leg or hip, many muscles contribute to this movement. With massage, tight muscles can be released. Some muscles may need lengthening or others are  overstretched muscles which need relief. Its usually a combination. By assessing the muscles, its possible to find movements that will encourage and strengthen appropriate muscles offering relief to their overstretched counterparts. 

Its a component I have primarily left to the PTs, but with yoga training, I can call on that certification to offer this important piece. As you know, I think the body is amazing and I am happy to be able to step  more fully into this way of working with the body.

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